NEW Michele High Shine Deco Sport Watch

$ 495.00

“Our MICHELE girl shines with the go to accessory of the year-Deco Sport High Shine Series, taking the reflective trend to the next level. High fashion meets high sport with these attention getting styles featuring mirror dials, glistening topaz and an Italian metallic leather strap. Peace, Love, SHINE.”

- Claire Rich, Creative Director of Michele -


  • Adjustable leather strap
  • Strap size: 18mm (can fit any Michele 18mm strap
  • Case size: 34 mm x 36 mm
  • Crystal type: Mineral
  • Number of Stones: 20
  • Total Stone Weight: .10 ct
  • Movement: Three Hand\

Face Specifications:

  • Silver: Silver High Shine with Misty Rose Topaz
  • Gold: Gold High Shine with Honey Topaz
  • Pink Gold: Pink Gold High Shine with Baby Pink Topaz

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